Property Management

Magna Realty offers Rental Property Mangement in Perth WA


Magna Realty offers a property management service tailed to each client’s needs. Our caring Property Managers are fully qualified and trained so that you can rest assured that your rental property is in good hands.

The first step is to meet with us and work out the best rental property management package for you as you have two very different options:  PAYG – Pay as You Go and INCLUSIVE RATE.

Option 1 – PAYG –  “Pay as you Go” is the traditional option where you pay for inspections in the month serviced, you pay a Letting Fee in the month serviced etc.  and you pay a monthly Property Management Fee based on all collections, which includes payment all associated accounts at no extra cost. This option suits people who are used to the traditional option and find it works for them.

Option 2 – “INCLUSIVE RATE ” is an option where you pay a higher Property Management Fee and a lot of the services are included.  You pay a monthly Property Management Fee based on all collections and this is all you would pay us other than Out of Pocket like Tenancy Data Base checks, Court Attendance, Insurance claims and Advertising.  This is popular with clients who like to pay the same amount each month as it helps with budgeting.

Both Option 1 and 2 include a complimentary service whereby we manage your accounts and pay them out of your rental income when due but again this is optional so that we can be sure to meet your needs and your preferences. Apart from us doing the work and relieving you to do other things, this service means all your outgoings for your investment property are on one statement at the end of the Financial Year making tax time a lot easier.

What you can expect from Magna Realty:

Regardless of which option you prefer:

  • Magna Realty will actively market your rental property across a range of media including Australia’s leading real estate websites such as
  • We will give you initial and ongoing advice on how to present your rental property for market to help you gain the extra edge.
  • When preparing a Rental Appraisal for you we take into account the supply and demand in your area and are aware of comparative home rental values.  We will supply you with our research and talk through our market knowledge so you can make decisions with confidence.
  • We will tenant your investment property for the best return, whilst being mindful of minimising vacancy periods. We know that what you lose today you can never make up so we will also advise you if we feel you have to reduce the rent or offer an incentive to get a good tenant.
  • We will screen prospective tenants against the most rigid selection criteria
  • We go to a lot of effort to settle new tenants into a rental property including issuing a comprehensive Tenant Handbook for their reference.
  • Prior to your tenant taking up residence, Magna Realty compiles a Property Condition Report then conduct an inspection 6 weeks after your tenant moves in and every 3 months after that.  The first one may throw up some issues but we will work with the tenant from the beginning if that occurs.  We will email a comprehensive Inspection Report with photographs to update you.
  • All tenants have access to our Emergency Maintenance Line 24/7 and for your peace of mind. You can rest assured that we respond to Emergency and Urgent repairs in accordance with legislation every time.
  • Magna Realty will take care of other maintenance to your agreed budget.  All contractors supplied through our Maintenance Services Division have been selected through a tender process to ensure that your investment property receives the best services at competitive market rates
  • Property valuations for NRAS Investors. We arrange and coordinate valuers to meet the requirements of NRAS regulations.
  • We recommend every investor have a Depreciation Schedule prepared at the beginning of your ownership period.  We are happy to coordinate.  You can often cover the cost of getting the professional report done in a very short space of time.
  • We also strongly recommend you take out Landlord Protection Insurance.  Of course we hope you never need to make a claim but just one unfortunate occurrence will more than cover the cost.
  • All of the Magna Team are trained to represent you in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia and will prepare and present your case in Court as your representative for tenancy matters if required.
  • We use state of the art Trust Accounting software and have the most reliable systems to monitor rent arrears, inspection reporting, breach and termination and maintenance requirements specific to your property.  We monitor leasing agreements proactively to counter the possibility of unwanted vacancy periods and maximise rent potential.
  • Magna Realty will service your needs with absolute honesty and accountability.  Our motto is to get it right first time, every time and we take pride in achieving this each and every day.
  • Every member of the Magna Realty team participates in ongoing Professional Development Training annually. Our Property Managers are kept up to date with best practices, improved software systems, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, the Real Estate & Business Agents Act, the NRAS and the Privacy Act.
  • At Magna Realty we also pride ourselves in being good communicators.  This means we will acknowledge your emails or phone calls within 24 hours.  We will always keep you informed about viewings, applications, lease sign-ups and renewals, the problems as well as the good news.  That is our professional responsibility to you and your tenant.


  1. Where in Western Australia does Magna Realty currently manage rental properties?
    We are currently managing rental properties in the Perth metropolitan area, Peel region and the South West. With our office in Rivervale, we are conveniently in a central location to manage properties both North and South of the river.
  2. Does Magna Realty take on any property for management?
    Magna Realty has specific criteria for property presentation, cleanliness and minimum rental amount, which enables us to more effectively service and manage properties for each of our clients. We specialise in NRAS compliant investment properties but we also manage a range of residential houses, units and townhouses and commercial properties.
  3. How does Magna Realty rent properties faster and to better quality tenants?
    We utilise state of the art leasing software that automates the booking of viewings, follow up and reporting to you during the leasing process and gives our tenants a wow experience. Our system books prospective tenants in to view your property as soon as they enquire. We then make our staff available to show properties on weekends and after hours, which makes all the difference to your leasing time.
  4. How do I move my property from my current Property Manager to Magna Realty?
    Appointment of Magna Realty as your new Property Manager requires only a few short steps, which we will take care of on your behalf. Simply make contact with our office on (08) 9430 0980 and we will do the rest.

Any other questions should be directed to our Rental Property Management team on (08) 9430 0980 or